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Profile shot of Andrew Moss


Projects Manager

I’m Andrew Moss and I am the Projects Manager. I currently oversee all the planning of every one of our projects.

My key area of expertise and interest is User Experience. I work with our designers, writers and developers closely to ensure User Experience is at the heart of everything we do.

As one of the more 'mature' members of the team, I have made all the mistakes and paid for them, and love using this to impart knowledge, wisdom and random tales of days gone by.

What my coworkers say:

"Powered by sausages. No bread. Just sausages."

"The man has a story collection to his repertoire that would make any seasoned adventurer envious. And thankfully, a great sense of humour too."

Any specific training undertaken at NWI/otherwise:

FCA Compliance

Snack table weakness:

Sausage rolls