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Profile shot of Mubin Fattoum


Mid-weight Designer

I’m Mubin, a Mid-weight Designer. I work in collaboration with a team of knowledgeable designers, each sporting their own talents in their selected field. I love creating engaging websites that balance both creativity and user experience. I find it extremely rewarding when the right solution for a problem is found.

And so about me. What can I say? Eat, sleep, gym, repeat. I’m passionate about all things fitness, from dieting to weightlifting to avoiding any sort of cardio where possible. Chicken connoisseur, technology enthusiast, and Rubik’s cube speedsolver.

What my coworkers say:

"Mubin, aka 'GUNS' is a true gentleman, until you take away his protein. Then anything goes. He is as highly imaginative as he is patient, and is a demon on the foosball table."


UX/UI – Jellyfish

Snack table weakness:

It’s very tempting, but I like to keep my blood sugars relatively low!