Profile shot of Jack Hawkes-Dighton


Lead Designer

I’m Jack, Lead Designer. I'm passionate about creativity. I love ideas and seeing them brought to life with craft and love, and I'm always thinking about improvements. When not at work, I’m probably still doing something creative. Either playing a guitar, penning a novel, or putting up a shelf. Creatively.

What my coworkers say:

"Life without #Jacksfactoftheday would be empty. The man is a dream to work with, so much input, attention to detail but a genuinely big heart."

"All-round nice guy, I doubt anyone here could say a bad word about him. Love working with him, and his Jurassic Park t-shirts are legendary!"

Any specific training undertaken at NWI/otherwise:

Jellyfish UX course

Jellyfish Digital Marketing

Snack table weakness:

Sugar. Always sugar.