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Profile shot of Will Strutt


Technical Officer

Hi I'm Will, Technical Officer at NeverWhatIf since 2014. I am the JIRA Jedi of the office – I enjoy making sure a project is organised and work flows through the department as intended without hiccup. I also enjoy the constant problem solving and curveballs my role presents me on a daily basis, allowing me to work on a huge variety of different things! I spend a lot of time time in the office planning out new projects, thinking around pain points and trying to optimise solutions to make sure we always have our best foot forward.

I like to spend my spare time researching & playing with new technologies or software, watching lots of YouTube videos while trying to learn new things, and spending as much time with my son Teddy as I can - making sure to teach him all the things a Nerdy Dad should!

What my coworkers say:

"How do I even begin to explain Will? Will is a flawless cook and NWI worker. That’s why his hair is so big, it’s full of planning secrets - could definitely make fetch happen."

"One of the most genuinely helpful members of our team. And a certified prankster."

Snack table weakness:

Anything as long as it doesn’t have Peanut Butter in it. When I’m having a ‘Hungry Day’, I’ll take a bite out the desk if I need to. At the moment I seem to have a savoury affliction that no amount of crisps can cure!