Profile shot of Blayne Peel


Technical Director

Hi I’m Blayne and I work as the Technical Director at NeverWhatIf. I oversee both development and planning. It's great having the opportunity to help bring an idea from a few scribbles on a white board to a fully functional project. 

In my spare time I enjoy taking city breaks, playing badminton, socialising, and everything about cheese (lots of cheese). Sourcing new staff is integral to my role and I have had the privilege of compiling an efficient and successful development team. As we are still growing, I am always on the lookout for fresh talent.

What my coworkers say:

"Ability to stay at his desk: 10%"

"He'll never say no to you, or to anyone else, so you may have to wait a while!"

Any specific training undertaken at NWI/otherwise:

Digital Marketing – Jellyfish

Google Adwords – Jellyfish

UX Design – Jelly Fish

Snack table weakness:

Chocolate Orange