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Exclusive online shopping platform for professional footballers

Boutique Baller harnesses the power of mobile technology to deliver an innovative members-only app that has never before captivated the market.

The network is made up of the next generation of professional sportsmen, young CEOs, entrepreneurs and elite individuals. The philosophy is to have a network that is balanced to create the most unique invitation only members app on the planet that offers a wealth of opportunities and connections for these select individuals.

The Boutique Baller app has been built to exceed demands of the 21st-century Ballers’ lifestyle whilst unlocking a world of luxury services, exclusive products and unique opportunities straight to their fingertips.

The team at Boutique Baller is dedicated to growing and developing the network to ensure what they are providing always surpasses their clients’ needs. They hold extensive knowledge and experience across the sports and lifestyle industries, with their passion and expertise pushing the boundaries in a world of luxury lifestyle.

The Boutique Baller platform is available on iOS and Android.